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To live fully and with purpose, it is really important to become conscious of your Soul, because it is your Soul that holds the key to all the insight, wisdom and understandings we are searching for in our life. If we are not close to our Soul then how can we ever be close to God? There are many on this plane who are very religious and spend their lives being devoted to God, yet how devoted are they to their own Soul when they spend so much time worshiping something they believe exists outside of themselves? Our God is a God of compassion, Universal love and is the infinite energy that exists in each and every one of us, no matter who we are or what we have done without any judgments. Judgment is a human characteristic, and is an element of fear which is often used and abused in an attempt to keep masses of people living in fear so strong that it will bind them to a specific faith, belief system or religion in the hope that that it will one day save them. These judgments and fears are created by human being for the personal interests of human beings; they are not a characteristic of God.

Our experiences serve us, and our Soul to help us learn and to understand the nature of human beings and to see and experience just how low we can become toward ourselves and each other. Many might ask the question why it is necessary to suffer through so much pain during our life? Why do we need to feel the experience of being raped, being angry, being hateful, sabotage ourselves, being afraid and all the many other possible agonizing pains that the majority of us have went though in this life. “What is it all for”, you might ask, “why do we have to suffer for the sake of our Soul’s evolution?” Many people might even say they do not care about their Soul.

Your experiences can be good or bad depending on how you choose to look at them. I am not saying that it is easy to always approach life with a positive attitude, but by looking at your experiences as learning opportunities as oppose to them being like a punishment you will definitely see the value in what is happening in your life. How you choose to think is very empowering and you can turn your experiences around from being a victim of your circumstances, to becoming a wise and aware person who always looks for the lesson and opportunity for growth and awareness in every event that takes place?

That was the beginning of my Numerology blog based on my new book “The Blueprint of Your Soul – Discover Yourself and Your Blueprint Destiny”

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In light!

Joseph Ghabi

The Free Spirit Centre