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Hi Joseph,

I have a question. I found out from your website that you answer questions. Can you answer mine? My d.o.b is ……….

I want to make new,meaningful,lasting friendships with people wherever I live. Whenever I have meaningful friendships, my friends move out of my city due to certain circumstances in their life. I have more meaningful friendships outside Memphis than in it. Will I ever be able to have a close group of friends, who have kids that can play with mine and where our husbands can get along, whom I can meet every so often without any formalities? If I do, will I be able to keep the friendships from being ruined by my ego ?

What is my friendship future?


Dear Meenakshi,

In response to your question, I did not find from your numbers any reference that you have something to do with people leaving you. But looking also in your question I realized what you said and I am quoting your exact words: ‘Whenever I have meaningful friendships, my friends move out of my city due to certain circumstances in their life.’ Then people move because of their circumstances but their move has nothing to do with you.

You are strong woman and sometimes you can become very strong and domineering for some people, because of the vibrations you are holding. Sometimes the way you think is that this is always your way. You might hardly listen to someone else’s opinion or see their view and that is what you might be referring to in your question that friendships are ruined by your ego. If you have no guilt to think about, then there was no truth to the reality. You can be very opinionated. You become strong and sometimes people find you hard to understand because of the master number that you carry with you.

But saying all of that should not be a major problem as my advice to you is to start going through all of your friendship’s backward in time by writing them down and see what are the patterns you went through with each of those friendships and the reason for every circumstance that went on in all of these friendships for their moving away. That way, in case there are patterns, you will be able to spot it immediately and at the same time explore and write down about how it was your friendships with every single person and what type of friendship went on at that time.

In light!

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