Blueprint of Your Soul – Health

Creative Commons License photo credit: leoncillo sabino

Dear Joseph,

Name at birth – Nadine . . Then changed to – Nadene … ……(when 6 month old after parents divorced)
name used now – Nadene . . (married name)

birthday – . . .

My questions – what is the best thing I can do for my health? What is my passion in life supposed to be?

Dear Nadene,

Thank you for your question.

The best thing you can do for your health is first not resisting being sick. Now you have a missing 6, unless you use your middle name at all times. But when we don’t use a vibration that vibration weakens and then it becomes an experience. Now 6 is amongst one of the karmic influences it can bring a health issue.

But what I am also getting through my guidance here for you, is to know any resistance you are holding in your life or even anything you were meant to do from a Soul level and you are having a hard time to implement in your life. So you have 4 things you need to do or watch in order to enhance your health

1. Use your middle name as often as possible and to be shown in your signature, e-mail or any document because it can make stronger the 6 in o in your middle name.
2. If you have any resistance of any issue to deal with or let go of.
3. You need to stop resisting your calling and follow your heart desire.
4. Health issue are many times are a wake up call to wake us up and shake up our lives.

Now in your numbers, you do have an 11 in your vibration which means that you are part of an old Soul and an old Soul is back on this plane for a reason and that reason is part of your passion that you need to communicate with your guides. You need to evaluate properly your life, your experiences and your dreams as a child of what you would like to do one day in your life. No one unfortunately will be able to give a firm answer of what you are suppose to do because you went through life with your experiences and those experiences are not there just for the sake of them. They have a reason for being there, being with our family, being born in certain culture, color, religion. Everything has a meaning and you are the one who need to go within and start seeing your experiences from a different perspective. Then, your passion will become more imminent in you and manifesting it will become much easier. I will leave you with that!

In light!