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Hi Joseph:

I hope everything is going well for you and Ashleigh. We met once again at Britten Memorial Church a few weeks ago when you gave a very insightful and thought provoking lecture and Ashleigh had a very inspiring and hopeful spirit message for me for which I am very appreciative.

Name: Louise

DOB: August 1, ….

This is my question:

Several years ago every part of my life began to unravel; marriage, business (I was self employed) and finances each to the point of disastrous.

I have been trying to redirect and reinvent myself however I feel opportunities have been dancing around me and I am unable to grasp them. I am not approaching opportunities with desperation that would cause them to slink away I meditate, I live a life with integrity and I am in gratitude for what I do have perhaps the universe is not quite ready to stabilize me. Does this make any sense? I feel I am back to where I was when I was twenty years old rubbing nickels and dimes together.

Do you see this changing sometime soon? I believe I read somewhere that every 28 years our life cycle changes, as I am approaching 59 yrs. very soon I will be flipping into my third 28 yr. cycle. Do you believe in this?

If you have time to answer my question I will be most grateful.

Blessings and Joy,


Dear Louise,

It is nice to hear from you. I was happy to have had the pleasure of seeing you in Britten Memorial. Thank you for your question!

I was looking at your chart and seen a gradual change and improvement coming up, however this will be more strong approaching your new cycle in 2 years, when you should see vast improvements. During that period, which is a time of contemplation, I would like you to evaluate the last 3 cycles in your life, the events of approximately is the last 27 years. What did you learn from those past experiences?

We are here to learn and understand our experiences. If we do not understand our lessons then we stagnate and feel as if we are dragging ourselves through time of hardship. It is important for us to learn something from the process of our experiences and move on instead of going round in circles. I wish there is an easier way than this, but in light of it all I am seeing positive changes coming up for you.

The ‘7’ vibration is missing from your name. The ‘7’ is about trust in yourself and belief in your higher self and the Universe around you. I do feel you have the trust, as it comes to me from my guidance, however you need to work on letting go of doubts you feel whenever anything goes wrong in your life. The ‘7’ vibration is also about surrendering to the higher Universal source and accepting your life but getting to know yourself more deeply and discovering what Louise is here for?

What are the gifts that you are having a hard time accepting as part of your reality? I am sure you know what I am talking about! I sense that you question and analyze many things about your life. Allowing the flow of the Universe to pass through your life and without question or doubting what is happening is a big part of your lesson in this lifetime.

I have no idea what type of meditation you follow, if you even meditate. I do meditation myself but I do not have a specific discipline or technique I follow, but I suggest that you learn to meditate with the intention to communicate with your guide and even with your Soul. Pay attention to whether anything from your childhood is behind your questioning and self analysis and doubt. Perhaps someone in your life when you were a child said one word that has become rooted deep in your subconscious, influencing the way you see yourself and your life today. Look for any unexpressed emotions still sitting deep within your mind from the time of your childhood.

If you believe it will take 28 years to change your life cycle then it will. This is not about me predicting your future life; it is just a guideline of potential that you are able to create yourself determined by the numbers. It is up to you! You have already programmed your mind to believe certain things about yourself all of these years and it will not change if you wait for it to change on its own. It is time for you to dig deeper into yourself and find out the true colors of who you are and what you are really about and you will surely be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

Thank you for your question Louise and hope my answer will bring some inspiration and guidance into your heart to understand what I am talking about. We look forward to seeing you in Toronto at Britten Memorial soon for our upcoming workshops in September!

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