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Hi Joseph,

My name is Kevin October 8, xxxx.

When will I start making more money so I can save more money for a house and get married to my girlfriend and take care of her and her daughter? I just feel like maybe there’s more out there in terms of jobs and money… I just feel like money will let everything fall into place… I just seem to be behind everyone…

Hello Kevin,

Looking at your numbers, technically, you should not have any money problems but sometimes you need to make an extra effort the moment you feel you have a money issue. That means you need to become conscious of every decision to spend or how you handle money in your life.

During the first 29 years of your life, you were in a 3 vibration in your life. At that time you were having good time, being relaxed, free spirited, enjoying to be entertained, however and during this period you probably had hard time keeping a job or kept moving from one job into another, or starting projects but never finishing. You also needed to express your true emotions when it comes to money and be open and honest about it with yourself and others.

So now you need to stop the pattern when it comes to money to prevent it going further than it should because you may tend to act and do things in relationship to money unconsciously. So you need to pick up a pen and a paper and write all the experiences you went through when it comes to money. Consider even the way your parents advised you about money, the way they dealt with money, how much you value money, and how you appreciate money in order for you to keep it. So there are many questions you need to ask yourself to find out about the pattern you keep turning into until now, and also to find the reason you keep sabotaging yourself in terms of having money or in case any good paying job to come your way.

At this time, you are in your 4 vibration and you are looking for stability, structure and commitment in your life but watch out for contradictions in your life during this period. Stop all contradictions from hold you of achieving the financial rewards that you wish to have in your life. Watch the way you think, you speak and do not allow your thought to compel you away from your focus.

You are supposed to have money and be living comfortably according to your numbers. You need to stop the patterns in order to move forward in your life. Think about it and I will leave you that!

In light!


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