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Dear Joseph,

My birth name is Malgorzata.

My family calls me Gosia, and my friends call me Maggie.


I have realized my calling in life, and I would love to pursue it. But first, I must repair my finances. My current job is a dead end, that doesn‘t bring me in a stable income.

I know the best solution to this, is to change my job. Which I would love to do. But, I have no idea which direction I should take. I’m feeling pretty stuck right now.

Would you be able to tell me what direction/type of work would be the best for me to pursue right now, that will allow me to move forward?

Thank you!

Peace and Light,


Dear Malgorzata,

Thank you for your question.

You said you are feeling stuck, yet at the same time you have realized your calling. That is great at your age, and I am not surprise about that. What is it that is holding you back from working in your calling? If it is because of finances then you need a job that brings you money, but most of all a stable income of money in order to help provide you the means to follow your hearts calling. At this point, the type of job you do is irrelevant as long as it brings you the money you need in order to enable you to pursue your calling.

From your vibration that you provided in your numbers, I see that you should be capable of handling & managing money well, however, every vibration has a positive as well as a negative side to it and in order to maintain the positive you need to understand your negative side in order to fix it and maintain balance and harmony.

In order to get to the bottom of this, my question to you now is: Are you a bad money manager? What I mean is do you spend everything you bring in, or do you have a problem with money which has been influenced by the way you grew up with your parents and how they handled money.

In case it was coming from your parents then you need to go back and start writing everything you learned from your parents in relation to money, its value and try to reverse what you learnt from them because those ideas do not belong to you that are theirs. You can reverse things by writing out all the feelings and emotions that arise when you think about and consider money and what you learnt from your parents.

If you feel it is you who created the problem, then you need to write all situations you went through in your life in order for you to see the pattern that you keep running into over and over again. You need to see the pattern that you keep doing over and over and when you realize it, it will help you to stop it and change it. The moment you become aware of your patterns, this is when you can stop them.

You have 8 in your vibration and 8 is about money but you are stuck in a pattern, either you are self sabotaging yourself, or you are just mismanaging your money. You can also sometimes feel fear of being recognized, and this subconsciously blocks good things from coming into your life.

I will leave with that and just think about it.

In light!


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