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So I hope I am one of the first ten…..
My question is should I go for my LCSW license or MFT license? Which will end up working out best for my future?

The name thing is odd…I like people to call me Jacqueline so that’s what people at work call me. My family calls me Jacky….

Hello Jacqueline,

Can you clarify your question? What is the difference between LCSW or MFT?

In light!
Well, right now I am going to school to get my psychology degree. I plan on getting my masters. I could get my masters in clinical psychology which would allow me to go and get my marriage and family therapy (MFT) license. Or I could go on to get my masters in social work. Then I could get a license to become a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW).

Both licenses seem to hold the same type of weight. Meaning that you could get the same job with both licenses in many situations. Although, through doing research it seems like there are more options if I become a LCSW because most state hospitals prefer this license and there seems to be a greater demand for licensed social workers.

In the future I would like to have my own practice and would like to know what license would be best. Although, before starting a practice I will need to have a lot experience and I want to know which license will open more doors for me.

Since I am a psych student many would say that it makes more sense to go and get my MFT license but like I said before, I think the LCSW might give me more options. So, I just wanted to know if I pursue my LCSW that I will not be making a mistake. I hope I am making sense! ūüôā

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! ūüôā

Dear Jacqueline,

In response to your question, looking at your numbers does not determine exactly the choice for you to make between choosing the LCSW license or MFT license. A choice is a reflection of what you see yourself doing in your day to day life. Remember you always need to love what you do to make it a success regardless of your choice. I do suggest sitting down in a meditative state and trying it several times until you get your intuitive answer for the direction you should pursue. How you see yourself in 5 years and then 10 years from now. Also, consider the fact and ask yourself – what is the best license to have in regards to your knowledge about these licenses that will allow you to have your own practice.

Now looking at your numbers in front of me, your destiny is 1 which is about leadership. Leadership is for Jacqueline to be a leader in what she is or will be doing after finishing her studies. Vibration 1 is to bring your individuality and uniqueness together where you will be bringing to the table which ever license you have. I also know you are capable and will be able to succeed in which ever license you choose as long as you are doing it for you and completely convinced you can make something with it as being an independent entrepreneur which is what the 1 will provide for you. The major thing that you need to consider here first, is that your major challenge in your life is also 1 which bring you to evaluate the way you handle your self-confidence about yourself and also the way you trust and believe in yourself. The more you are able to blend those two ingredients then I see there is nothing that can hold you from achieving your ultimate goal.

You are a gifted woman, but you need to dig deeper within yourself to bring out those gifts as the tools of your soul that are providing you with in this lifetime. In case you have any of these issues to work out for yourself such as Fear of your own gifts, fear of failing and fear of even being successful then there will be nothing to stop you achieving your ultimate goal except yourself. Get rid of your fear and things should manifest nicely for you regardless of the choice of license that you have in your life. A license is a license just to become a professional to practice your specialty in life. But many people hold that same license but who can differentiate between one person and another; contemplate upon that.

In light!






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