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Jeff Scott
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Hi Joseph

I want to ask you a question if it does not bother you.

I heard that the name affects the person, but I believe that man has several options in life and can choose any of them and not the name and date of birth is affecting the person, or you have another opinion?

my name is ( shirine ……) My name is a composite ,My name on the passport or identity is a composite  (Shirin …… ) But everyone calling me shirine .

My date of birth is ………

Do you see something for me?

Dear Shirine,

In response to your question, what you heard is correct. A name can alter many variations in your life, this is the reason I do not recommend that we keep playing with our names. Every time you make a change to your name you will either gain a new vibration or lose some. One of the reasons when I do consultation with my client, I ask them the name at birth and the name that they use today and usually in my consultation I use the name they use today because if your birth name is not important to you to keep using so why you should keep all of your original vibration. Your birth name vibration becomes part of your inner talents that when you need them you need to go within.

Men and woman change their names not because they have an option to do so. Most of the time, we use the name we are comfortable with. When we use that option then many events in our life will change according to the changes made in their name.

As a woman yourself , it is recommended to consult your chart for you to find out by adding your husband’s last name and losing yours what changes will be brought to your life. There is nothing wrong in losing or gaining vibration as long as you become familiar with what you have lost or gained.

As human beings we are individual and our names and dates of birth will help to distinguish us from each other. Otherwise, we become robotic and what is the point of that?

In your case Shirine, your do not use your second name and your third name but doing so you are still not losing any vibration. The changes for them are very minor and there is nothing for you to worry about. But, as I said, consult with a Numerologist the time you get married to see if there are any changes that will apply to your life with your husband.

In light!


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