Blueprint of Your Soul – Special Gifts

Dear Joseph,

I have recently come to realise that I have some special gifts.I sometimes take on other people’s energy, it starts by having almost like a pain (hot feeling) in my stomachand then spreads through my whole body. It makes me very tired. I am also able to read people’s mind when their thoughts are very strong and sometimes know about things that will happen.

I would like to know what this means and  how to develop these gifts.

My date of birth is ……………

Yours sincerely,Carina

Dear Carina, In response to your question, I am not surprised that you are gifted because you are an old soul holding much wisdom and gifts in you. The pain you have in your stomach come from the fact that the way you channel this information is by absorbing the energy of the person next to you or even reading their mind.  Definitely, you will get tired absorbing other people’s energy or even sicknesses but you need to learn on how to release this energy immediately after you receive it. You need to connect to the universe instead of directly from people. This is probably the way your mediumistic capability works but I do advise you to learn to meditate and connect with your guides. There are many people who can teach you how to connect. Ask the universe to direct you to the right people and the souls who agree to cross your path will be there to assist you.   Also in your chart you Master Number 22 that will help you to bring the recognition that you soul is here on this planet to achieve. With master number 22, your power and influence can be far reaching.

The qualities the Number Twenty-Two embraces are:

– Mastery of vast co-creative projects
– Great Achievement
– Ingenuity – Idealism
– Pace setter
– High Energy
– Master Builder

You are very gifted person but you need to get involved in meditation as soon as possible. And to channel what your soul has planned for you to do in this lifetime. You have the chance to be a prolific writer from your day of birth 18 if that is the direction you would like to pursue.

In light!