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Hi Joseph

I hope you are well.

I am on your friends list as Patricia ……, my name as i use it is Tricia, and my date of birth is ……… I am embarking on a new online business and wonder if i will find success and a better financial future!

Best wishes


Dear Tricia,

In response to your question, since your date of birth is in January, your 7 year cycle has begun within a 9 year cycle.

Normally I do not recommend to anyone to start anything during this year especially for the first 9 months. For most people they have a hard time to handle two things at the same time. Year 7 is a year of reflection and to learn deeper insights about you. But as in everything, there are exceptions like anything in life.

I have looked deeper in your vibration and realized from the numbers that you hold that you are an old soul holding 2 majors Master Numbers and that will qualify you to be able to handle more than one task at the same time. Your old soul has alot of inner wisdom and your master numbers are there for you to achieve greatness and to improve humanity.

Now you wonder if you will find success? That depends how much that business really means to you; The more that business brings good to people, the more you succeed. Otherwise, you still can make it work according to how much you get involved with it. Remember a businesswoman or a businessman is not the business that makes the business successful, but the man or woman behind it and definitely the right product or service and maybe a little luck. The people who run that business are the ones who make it a success.

Next year is your year 8 and it is a year of reward for all of your hard work and should give you a hint about that business and the effort you put into it.

Tricia, you are a strong woman and I believe with the vibration you should able to manage any type of business.

In light!

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