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For some of us, it’s easy to buy or sell a house but for others it is not. If you’ve ever been involved with the real estate market, I’m sure you have a few stories of your own. Some people feel that it’s all about luck but there are other things involved with the whole experience.

I would actually like to speak about buying or selling a house from a different prospective. I would like to explore it more from a metaphysical approach, which takes into account your vibration in relation to the vibration of the house you are buying or selling.

In Numerology, I can determine my client’s vibration by adding their name and date of birth. That way, I can generate a full chart by just having this information available to me. This information helps me to narrow the effect of certain locations. Always remember that the number will have an effect on the family as a whole and also may have more of an impact on one family member than another.

Your experience of entering your new house and your experience of leaving your house to live in another house is all determined by the vibration you are settling in. The vibration you choose as a house could make your life there a positive or negative experience.

In many cases, when you buy a house, you are attracted to something and one of those things is the numbers on that house you will be living in. We always attract numbers that either we need to learn or we just enjoy from that vibration.

Look at your phone number- Is there a common number always repeating? When you add all the numbers together, what do they add up to? Look to your previous numbers. The pattern you see is no coincidence.

Now you are a real estate agent who is trying to sell a house. I believe every agent should have their chart done and really understand their vibrations through their numbers because that will greatly affect their bank account.

For example: If you are a real estate agent and you are missing 4 and 7 and you are trying to sell a house that adds up to a 4 or 7, how smooth will the sale be when that house represents your weakness? Very tough indeed! When you have a missing number from your name, and depending if that missing number is a Blueprint Karmic Lesson, a Blueprint Modified Karmic Lesson, a Blueprint Sub-Conscious or a Blueprint Challenge for you, this will have a major effect on your sale of that particular house.

I would like to give an example here:

Ten years ago, I was living in the basement apartment of a house. The owner of the house, Vicky, had been trying to sell the house for 6 years before I came in. The house adds up to a 7 vibration. She had tried 5 different real estate agents and with no success. I was myself entering into my 7 Blueprint Attainment at that point in my life, so it was a good place for me to live. Attainment usually has a number of years with a specific energy. I was happy to be in a 7 house. I started talking with Vicky about Numerology. She told me that she would like to move to another city the moment she sold the house but it was not selling easily. I explained the vibration of the house to her and what this vibration meant to her. I told her that her house could sell in no time if she had the right agent that could understand that vibration. I asked her to bring me all the business cards of all the agents she worked with and she provided me with 5 business cards. I used what I had from their names for my calculations because I had no access to their date of birth and I figured out that all of them had a missing 7 in their names. With the house being a 7 vibration, this meant that they would have difficulties speaking about the house or even trying to convince anyone else about it because they themselves were not convinced about it. Then she brought me the cards of agents who had previously approached her to sell the house but whom she’d not contacted. I did the calculation of their names and I recommended 2 agents to her that had a higher chance to sell her house than the others. She ended up contacting my first choice first who came in and looked at the house and loved it. That agent sold the house within 5 months while it had previously been on the market for almost six years. She was happy and so was everyone else but now I have to move out because the house is sold! It was not in my favour at that point but I was happy for Vicky for finally selling her house. It had nothing to do with the market or luck, but instead it was about how familiar some of us are unconsciously to a vibration than others may be. The agent who can sell a 7 house may not be as brilliant at selling a 3 house and vice versa. Imagine what you could do with your real estate business when you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and are able to work with your vibration properly.

Numerology is available to every one of us. It is over 3000 years old. There are many systems and modals of origin when it comes to Numerology and although each one works differently, they can all get you to the same result. Numerology is based on your name and your date of birth. You have a name that you use to introduce yourself with and you also have a fixed date of birth that even the government uses to identify you with- even to tell how much you make. Some people don’t accept what they are told and convince themselves of who they are. However, your name and date of birth hold many of your answers to all the experiences you went through in your life, whether or not is was with work, relationships, experiences or lessons in your life. Your soul drew you a blueprint for you to walk through and gain the experiences you have gotten in your life, regardless of if they were good or bad because they were, at the end, only experiences. You need to learn what to understand from those experiences in order for you to walk freely to the next stage in your life. But your understanding of those experiences has a lot to do with your missing vibration, your challenges, and karma in life and will affect you in your daily life including your career or the type of work you do. Isn’t it time for you to investigate that now on your own?

‎”Our desires are the scripts given to our souls for us to execute here on earth, while free will gives us the choice to either follow our script or choose another one. We can choose whatever script we want, however following our own script may lead us to chaos, struggle, unnecessary challenges and pain…while following the script of our soul leads us to happiness, joy, fulfillment, prosperity & wisdom.” ~ Enoch Tan

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