Blueprint of Your Soul – Career

Full Name: Clara

Born: 12 July ….

Question: I have had 5 careers and have just accepted a job as financial manager for a very well established company. The owner manager at first seemed to be amazing and now (3 months later) is somewhat contradictory- He is a Gemini. I have been told by a psychic friend that the job won’t last. Is there a 6th career in my future? Will I someday be able to settle happily in a profession?

Dear Clara,

Thank you for your question!

First, there is nothing wrong having 5 careers in a lifetime and even more as long as you get where you need to get.

Once you adopted your married name, you have lost a major vibration from your name.

‘4’ vibration is about stability, about stability in your career. With a missing ‘4’, changing career becomes normal. It also can affect managing money too.

So yes, the Universe won’t give up on you because of your many careers. But what is interesting with you is your year of birth 1957 that will start to kick in strongly at age of 45. 1957 is a 22 vibration which is a Master Number. Big part of you is feeling there must be something else out there and there is for you. ‘22’ vibration is that your Soul would like Clara to fulfill her task in this lifetime and many time you feel there is something missing in you.

Master Numbers are people who are here to be of service to humanity in bringing some changes in people’s life, but it does not mean you need to be Mother Theresa here! My advice is to go deeper in yourself and start find out what makes you the special person you are and connect with your Soul. That will make you be happy in a profession that you might feel complete. What did you enjoy to do as a hobby when you were little girl? Sometimes there are many answers from your early dreams as a girl. I see a major career shift.

In life we need to enjoy what we do and what can fulfill us inside and not just on the outside just to please everyone else in our life.

This year is a major year for you. You are in your 9 year in a ‘9 year cycle’ which mean take a moment for the next 6 month or so and do a cleaning up from everything that no longer work in your life, let it go. Move from negative people around you and then take another six months after that to decide what you want to do in your next year cycle. In 2007 you will start a new cycle for the 9 years.

Love & light!


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