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Many of us dream of meeting someone to spend our life with and we dream of the day we get married. Is it because in reality, we feel the need for security in our life? Commitment comes into mind with this subject and this will be our talk for this month.

What is commitment? What does it mean to you? We will look into commitment in terms of being married or just dating another person.

Each one of us has a destiny to fulfill in this life. Every one of us has a goal in this lifetime. If you have some bigger things to do in your lifetime, it does not, by any means, mean that you are luckier or more important than everyone else. It is simply because each one of us has an individual soul that comes with a unique consciousness and awareness of our universe. Your soul has a purpose, therefore you have a purpose. The reality is that your soul is here for the experiences and lessons that you encounter in your lifetime in order to grow.

So basically, we all have a commitment to our soul in the first place and it should not be seen as strange for us to review and evaluate that commitment from time to time. It is important for us that we do not lose track of where we are going in our lives in terms of our purpose or destiny-  otherwise it will be a waste of a lifetime.

Commitment, in this sense, can be defined as being honest and sincere with yourself. It is your intention towards your obligation to fulfil the promise you made with your soul when you acknowledge your own personality and are present in your life today. That is the commitment of the self.

This is a tough commitment to accept in the first place and, in reality, the judgment we await when we pass over when our physical life ends, will be done by the soul itself based on what has been accomplished with the experiences of that life. It is not God who judges us as many of us claim!

Some people might be confused about this and ask, “How can we ever commit to a soul that we have never ever seen or heard of, and before we were even born?”  Well, that commitment was overdue after previous unfulfilled commitments and the failure of accomplishing our destiny on this plane in pervious lifetimes. Souls keep coming for human experiences lifetime after lifetime only to fulfill previous life destinies that were unfulfilled. What a waste of a trip here, don’t you think? The main reasons of failure for the majority of us are very simple. The reasons are because of our short vision about life, our lack of understanding about our universe and, in the end, our own limitations according to the belief system / faith we belong to or the culture we grow up with or the environment we are accustomed to.

Commitment starts with you first.

I have a commitment toward myself and every one should also be committed to themselves at the same time. What does commitment to yourself mean to you? Does that exist for you in your own life?

When it comes to relationships with others we usually start dating another person and on many occasions we are not even ready to make any kind of commitment to anyone else. It may even take us a few shots at a relationship before we wake up and realize that we need to commit to ourselves first. Why do you need to commit to being with someone else in your life? Is it for security? Or is it dependency? Or is it just fear of being alone?

We created a ritual in the form of marriage on this plane. Marriage is like an umbrella of protection that we use to define and identify ourselves as being committed. We recite our promise of commitment to each other in front of a judge, a priest, a rabbi or whatever authority it is that we identify with. That is all very nice, but remember, the reality is that there are actually more and more divorces taking place around us and all over the world these days. Well, in this case it must mean that there is something very wrong with our intention when it comes to committing ourselves to another person. Either that or we lack understanding of the responsibility of our commitment. One reason amongst other reasons for that is our lack of commitment to ourselves.

When two people decide to get married, they lay their commitment down on the table in front of each other, as well as family and friends. If they are able to go this far, then at least they should have a real awareness and understanding of the responsibility of what they are getting into. We mentioned before that commitment is being honest and sincere with ourselves. When it comes to two people, it is still important to be honest and sincere with the other person and by honor your commitment towards each other’s soul. In saying all that, it also means that no one will control the other because that is not what commitment is about. No one will derail the other from finishing their commitment towards their soul. Instead two people should share and be open with each other and nourish each other’s commitment. You don’t have to have exactly the same destiny.

However, you can still have the same path and different goals.

Marriage is about sharing each other’s commitment.
Marriage is about respecting each other’s commitment.
Marriage is about growing with each other’s commitment.
Marriage is about prospering from each other’s commitment.

In the end, commitment for couples is about sharing, respecting, growing and prospering with each other’s commitment without either of you involved in controlling, manipulating, invading or abusing the other in any way shape or form.

Time to see your life by seeing, understanding and living the big picture of your life. Commit to that without needing someone to be a filler for your own commitment to yourself! I promise you then you will meet the person that can respect and nourish your commitment.

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We will explore boredom in your life in our next issue!

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