How To Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year 2011 - Greetings
Creative Commons License photo credit: valcanno

Here it comes again- the famous 3 words back in the back of your mind to commit to get rid of something that you hate or something that really does not work or have any value to your life. Why on earth do we put pressure on ourselves at the end of the year by committing to ourselves in writing to something deep inside we know we are having a hard time accomplishing? Is that a different sort of punishment imposed on ourselves? Well maybe, but for some, it is the thrill to commit to anything and then we create the best excuses to ourselves why we gave up so early!

Have you had any thoughts about your end of year resolution yet?  I haven’t because I’m still in my Mercury retrograde but I will have mine ready in the first week of January 2011.

How many of you forget about your resolution a month after you’ve made it?

Here are some typical New Year’s Resolutions:

a- I want to lose weight

b- I want to meet a women or a man

c- I want to commit to my relationship

d- I want to take care of my health

e- I want to stop drinking

f- I want to stop gambling

g- I want to be nice to my family

h- I want to make peace with my Dad or my Mum.

i- I want to learn to swim

j- I want to learn to ski

k- I want to dance

l- I want to travel

m- I want to be organized

n- I want to be confident

o- I want stability in my life

p- I want to start my business

q- I want to learn Yoga

r- I want more sex in my life

s- I want to forgive so and so

t- I want to be more responsible and less selfish

u- I want my freedom

v- I want material freedom

w- I want to be successful

x- I want to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings

y- I want to be positive

z- I want to quit smoking

… And the list can be longer and longer, and for many, the longer our list is, the more we boast about it and the faster we let go of it almost as soon as we have written it. Why is that?  The longer your list, the more unrealistic it is to accomplish it. Make your list in a way that can be achievable and easy for you to apply to your life because by doing so, you build more self confidence in yourself.

Pick up 9 index cards (3 x 5) and write down the most important 9 items that you would like to improve in 2011. Write each item on one card. Use the items you want to improve and please be specific on one side of the card and then focus on what measures you are going to pursue in order to achieve them. I learned that from Alex Mandossian’s Tele-seminar when I was listening to it the other day.

Do not make your list on a single page because if you gave up on one item on your list, you will soon get rid of the whole list. Post those cards in front of you on your wall so they are easily accessed for your eye to keep looking at them while you’re posting on your wall on Face Book.

Daze into your 9 cards while sitting at your desk for a period of 2 weeks (of course not 24 hours) and pick out the 3 most important cards after your long reflection that are not necessary to have but which you are the most compassionate about and have the most desire to have in your life – the ones that you feel a tingling inside when you keep reading them.

Take away the other 6 cards and store them in an index card box for future reference.

Take your 3 chosen cards and write on the back:

1-    Why you selected that card.

2-    Explain your desire behind your selection

3-    How will your selection improve your life?

4-    Analyze your selection according to if it has any relevance to any past experience in your life and what immediate thought is a reason for this selection.

5-    Determine what steps you are willing to take in order to achieve or improve whatever you asked for on your card. (Be realistic and do not push yourself hard for not to give up easily)

If you have any emotions that happen to come out from doing that exercise, please pick up a notebook and empty yourself through your writing. Let all your emotions come out.

Once you associate, identify and answer the above questions on the back of each card, then post these 3 cards again on your wall and daze at them reading both sides of the card for only 2 weeks.

Oh my God!  We wasted a whole month doing that and we haven’t even started yet to accomplish what we want.

Let’s do our work to accomplish our goal as we are working in a 9-Year Cycle, though now we want to call it a 9-Month Cycle instead.

January is the start of your 9-Month Cycle – End of A Situation / Time to Let Go

We selected 9 items we would like to improve or get rid of in our life on our first 2 days of the month and then within the first 2 weeks, we picked the final 3 items that we really desire to have in our life.

On the last day of January select the 3 items which are the most important, less important and then least important out of the three items. Then post them on your wall again with the same order you chose them.

By doing all of that, you clarify to yourself and to the Universe what you want, desire, and propose to have in your life. You are no longer overwhelmed with a huge list and the Universe is happy to know what exactly you want.

February is your 1st Month Cycle – New Beginning

This month is your new beginning to start what you already planned last month to do in order to make the change in your life. Watch the signs that come your way from the Universe and be open-minded and willing to use what comes your way in order to launch your new beginning. Always stay focused on your selected cards.

March is your 2nd Month Cycle – Build Your Foundation

Make sure you emphasize on building the foundation of what desired new beginning you attracted to your new beginning. Remain focused and build on the desire to achieve your goal.

April is your 3rd Month Cycle – Relax and Enjoy Yourself

This month is for you to relax and go socialize and meet new people and enjoy yourself and take some of the pressure off your shoulders.

May is your 4th Month Cycle – Structure / Organize

Back to work to build and construct the building on top of the foundation for whatever you had desired to accomplish 4 months ago.

June is your 5th Month Cycle – Freedom / New Beginning

This month is the time to get rid of your way of thinking or your thoughts on the items you started 5 months ago and stop contradicting things with your old thoughts or ways of doing things that are no longer of value in what your new desire is.

As a new beginning month, this month you should pick up the six cards you stored in your index card box and see if there are any of the 6 items you selected that you’d like to add or that can help you improve what you already started 5 months ago.

July is your 6th Month Cycle – Responsibility / Balance

This month will emphasize how responsible you are towards what your desired item is and how well you are able to balance your life with the desired item at the same time.

August is your 7th Month Cycle – Reflect / Analyze

This is the best time for you to analyze and reflect on the past 7 months to see where things went wrong and how you can still improve things. Write and write more during this month about all your feelings towards the item(s) you are trying to accomplish and if forgiveness is required, please do so.

September is your 8th Month Cycle – Result / Karma

This month will bring the result of your hard work and if you handled responsibility badly, then you will know about it and will face events that can relate to what you did not handle properly. Your 8th Cycle is karmic so whatever you put into it will come back to you.

You already finished your 9 Month Result and may be pending on how serious you were about achieving your resolution.

At the end, if you accomplished 1 item on your list, you have achieved a lot because following that, you will achieve 2 or 3 items because you were able to test, feel and achieve the result of your accomplishment so Happy New Year Resolution in 2011!

You have no excuse if you are reading this in whichever month because you can always start your year resolution from that month and follow the same process.

3 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution Has Not Been Accomplished Year after Year:

3- Your list is too long

2- You have no deep desire

1- What you asked to have has a deeper root in you that is hard for you to get rid of.

For example: You asked to lose weight in your year resolution, as this is probably the # 1 request for many people, but your weight problem relates to an emotional problem from your childhood. Unless you deal properly with that emotional issue, you will lose some weight in the beginning but I promise you, your weight will come back and more. Underneath your weight’s issue there is something still boiling inside of you needing more attention. Think about it!