Mentoring Program

Special Mentoring Program – Find Your Authentic Peace With The Past

“You invested lots time in the past to go through your healing work and so you are committed to healing BUT your focus should be on properly managing your commitment to heal and not your time.”

You Can Finally Clear Away Childhood Trauma and Start Enjoying
The Success You’ve Worked So Hard For
Read on to learn more about this exclusive mentoring opportunity and a free one hour intuitive healing assessment. Joseph works with very successful individuals who feel held back from ongoing pain and childhood trauma.

Do you live with direction? Do you see THE BIG PICTURE of your life?

Are you STUCK and living your life in your past experiences.

When is enough, enough? When do you finally make a change?

You don’t need to hit bottom to change…in fact, it is a lot better if you don’t!

If you’re ready to commit understanding and learning about your life lessons then you are ready to finally change.

You’re reading this page because there is some area of your past causing you great amounts of pain. It is limiting your life today and keeping you from joy, passion and purpose. You’re reading this page because at least part of you is ready to shed your past and live with joy today.

You could make the change now, next year, next decade or never. Whenever you make it, I promise one thing will be true: Once you experience the change you will ask yourself why you didn’t make it sooner.

The more you delay the greater the emotional, physical and mental costs.

-> Are your early childhood experiences still draining you today?

-> Would you like to change the course of your life?

-> Are you are ready for such a change?-> Are you always being hurt by the wrong people in your relationships…leaving you feeing empty on the inside?

-> Are you aware that regardless of your experiences, you still have a destiny to fulfill?

There are answers to everything when you seek answers. Nothing is powerful enough to hold you back if you decide to make the change and let me help.

We live in a world of: excuses, excuses and more excuses… 

But deep down you know your excuses are no match for your inner strength. I know because I’ve encountered and overcome all the best excuses available:

– “I have a family to support”
– “I don’t have money”
– “I am too old to deal with my past…it’s too late anyhow”
– “I’ve already dealt with some of that childhood stuff”
– “I don’t have time”

But my question to you is one that many of us never consider:

What is the cost on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels for not dealing with your life and getting help?

Now consider the costs of smoking, gambling, drinking and drugs. Then there is over shopping, over eating, and any other self-indulgences you partake in so you don’t have to deal with your past?

Have you added the costs on your family and the pain caused by not dealing with your life?

Have you added the cost of the health issues that might arise from our resistance to change?

And let’s not forget the cost of being spiritually stuck.

Even if you are successful in one area in your life, if you are not happy, joyful or fulfilled in other areas in your life, then you’re still not “succeeding” at life.


“Until you learn to heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed into the future.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant


How were you meant to EXPAND and GROW over your lifetime?

What would be possible if you learned to see the BIG PICTURE of your life, free of restrictions.

Life is short! Step out from living life in a box until you’re buried in a box. Think about it!

Do you prefer to have disease or be sick in your life in order for you to start taking your life seriously?

Do you really need to go to that extreme? You have the right and choice to decide.

At one point, your Soul won’t keep up with your nonsenses and excuses.

People start to pray for help when they are in the problem but why end up in the problem if you can avoid it.

Some important questions to think about….

What do you REALLY want? What are you complaining about?

What do you want said at your funeral?

How do you want to be remembered by your friend and your family?

What legacy do you want to leave for your family…for your children?


It is now time to think about the Big Picture of your life!

If you’ve read this far I know you are open to change…now, are you coachable? Are you open to having a guide at your side to support and lead you? Well, then this might be for you.

“You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame” – Les Brown 

Find Your Authentic Peace With Your Past: 3 Months Mentoring Program

We’ll move directly to your source of trouble and heal it

Each week you will have one lesson with me with an opportunity for Q&A. This is an opportunity for us to discuss any area(s) you feel stuck, frustrated about or that leave you feeling empty. During this time, we will base our talk together on Numerology, then look into the healing aspect of what is occupying your mind and making you stagnant.

The results from this work have been incredible. My clients report amazing changes and breakthroughs after our work together.

Before we begin to work together we must know if we are a good fit. Your first step is to receive a complementary Intuitive Healing Assessment. When sold alone this call costs $197…But, because I want to really know any students I take into the mentoring program I am offering it absolutely free for you.

I’m excited that you’re ready to find out what’s going on WITHIN you that may be stopping you from making the difference you’re meant to make and the money you’re meant to make as you do it!

During this FREE call ($197 Value) you will learn how to visualize your life and look at your BIG PICTURE and receive the answers to your pressing questions. As well, a powerful meditation will take place during the call.

Have you been successful and appear to have the perfect life… to everyone else: But inside, you feel frustrated and empty? It’s time to change all that! The next step to changing how you feel inside is to apply for your complementary intuitive healing session.

To apply simply fill in the basic information below and I will respond to you


There are a limited number of spaces open for this call and you must apply to be accepted. If you have any issues with the form or process, please just e-mail me at

I look forward to connecting with you!

In light!

Joseph Ghabi


P.S. This is about your own healing… If you are not ready for closure or to begin healing your past then do not apply…

P.P.S. I recently came across an article about Dr. Mehmet Oz and I wanted to share a few quotes with you from it:

“Dr. Mehmet Oz believes that carrying around “emotional baggage” can impact your health, both physically (are you fighting a never-ending battle of the bulge?) and mentally…

[They] revealed the steps involved in releasing your emotional baggage to discover your purpose and enhance your health and happiness. One key: Admitting that you’re “stuck” and, in a sense, have gone off track.

Whether you’re falling into the self-sabotage trap or are fearful of changes (even better ones, such as losing weight), Valorie and Dr. Oz believe that every person has the power within to release that emotional baggage and be freed to move forward.

In this “intervention of a lifetime”…the women learn to understand why he says that emotional baggage results in poor health. To shed [the emotional baggage] and rejuvenate their lives, from slimming down successfully to exercising. From recognizing what is holding you back to overcoming your fears, the message is clear: It’s up to you to take charge of your life.”

Now, it’s time for you to take charge and take advantage of this free opportunity for an intuitive healing assessment.

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