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How To Remove Your “Block” and Stop Procrastination Once and For All

Spend just 60 minutes with me and you will discover the single block or pattern that has been running your life. In the same time you’ll learn how to fix it and free yourself from problems like:

joseph arrow  Constantly feeling exhausted…

joseph arrow  Receiving the same disappointing results over and over again…

joseph arrow  Attracting the worst people into your life and missing the good ones…

joseph arrow  Feeling lost and blind to your life’s purpose…

When we remove your block we’ll also stop the procrastination that has been plaguing your life, hurting your confidence and leaving you stuck in the same spot. The list above is just a sample of the pain caused by patterns running in your unconscious. You may connect with all of them, or perhaps just one of them has been powerful enough to cause serious destruction.

Your (Secret) Advantage: Numerology

Did your parents read your instruction manual when you were born? Unless you had extremely gifted (or extremely weird) parents they probably did not! Buthow amazing would it have been if they did? If as a child you had a guide to dealing with bullies, training your brain to study (even the subjects you didn’t like) and impressing the opposite sex.

Now, today, you have that opportunity. You can access your own personal instruction manual, open it in your hands and learn your most powerful strengths, hidden weaknesses, unique gifts and cosmic karmaand discover how they work together to create your personal Blueprint and Destiny. You owe it to yourself.

Numerology is an easy-to-use system that shows you your life from a different perspective and provides an analysis of your experiences.  Numerology helps you access your inner strength and make changes. Numerology is the next generation of personal growth and soul development.

My unique and personalized approach to Blueprint Numerology aligns you with your soul to live the destiny you were meant to live. Your soul drew you a blueprint the moment you were born and its guidelines were mapped out for you to walk through your life. Your blueprint is your guidethe instruction manualthat you brought with you into the world.

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My Story

Here I would like to share with you an excerpt from my biography:   When you hear the words mystic, spiritual teacher or numerologist Joseph Ghabi may not fit the first picture that comes to mind. Joseph is a former engineer, banker and international sales manager. His past is packed with degrees and certifications given only to people of science and logic. Yet Joseph’s true gift appears in an area less frequented by typical scientists.

An expert numerologist, healer and spiritual leader, Joseph speaks on topics ranging from relationships and the law of attraction to life purpose and past histories. He is well known for his expertise in healing childhood traumas.

In The Public Spotlight

Joseph is a #1 bestselling author and radio host. When he speaks, Joseph is forceful and to the point. He maintains an air of empathy and love with all he speaks to: Always connected to his heart and searching for ways to help. His blend of empathy and character has made him a popular figure with media appearances in Lebanon, France, Canada and The United States.

Radio listeners love him. When he’s on the air, the phone lines light up with curious callers seeking answers to their most pressing life problems.

Psychosomatic Numerology

Joseph is also the creator of Psychosomatic Numerology, an innovative blend of numerology, the healing arts and a highly effective area of psychology. Psychosomatic Numerology allows one to investigate how the mind and body are influencing one another. Often physical ailments can be healed by treating the root problem.

A Wealth Of Cultural Experience

Joseph is a man committed to growth and personal improvement. He’s earned over 30 degrees, certifications and diplomas studying subjects from engineering and computer programming to metaphysics and psychosomatic psychology.

Joseph’s mixed past is one of his greatest strengths. His wide range of educational, professional and worldly experience makes him a delight to speak with. His experience has provided Joseph a profound ability to connect with people of many cultures, countries and beliefs and to truly empathize with his clients problems no matter how unique or impossible the problems first appear to be.

Joseph lives in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, with his son Robbie and his daughter Tiffany.

An intuitive numerology consultation with me will help you understand and overcome your past experiences so you can finally connect with your destiny!

If this is true, you need to have a numerology consultation:

joseph arrow  You’ve always had a desire to understand more about yourself

joseph arrow  You keep running into the same kinds of problems over and over again

joseph arrow  You’ve been having trouble finding your focus

joseph arrow  You want to learn more about your personal challenges and Karma

joseph arrow  You and someone special want to enhance your life together

joseph arrow  You have a burning curiosity to discover your destiny

joseph arrow  You feel confused, stagnant or just lost and directionless

Your government identifies you with your social insurance number. The Universe, on the other hand, identifies you by your date of birth and your name’s vibration.

How well do you know yourself?

What do you know about your name and about your date of birth?

Could changing your name have a dramatic effect on your lifefor better or worse?

Women need to be particularly careful when they change their name. When you get married and take your husband’s name, you might influence a different core in your overall blueprint. A numerology reading can help you decide if this will be a positive or negative change in your life, because…

Every time you change your name, you change your experience.

If you have more than one name you use today on a regular basis, you are most likely confused in many areas in your life. I can help you pick, and stick, to the name most powerful for you.

Your Numerology chart will help evaluate your experiences by understanding your path and destiny in this life time. The moment you become aware is the moment you can eliminate the patterns you have been facing in your life for so long…

Numerology will help you clear up many facets about yourself that you were not even aware of before! What is holding you back today?  You don’t want to be in your 70s sitting back and wondering why you didn’t take a chance to discover yourself. I will tell you now, your subconscious will bring you right back to this letter and you will see it all in front of your eyes again and wonder, “what if? How much better would my life have been?”

A 90-Minute Numerology Chart Will Open Your Blocks and Shift Your Life’s Direction  

This chart is so powerful because it is all about you. It reveals your destiny, your essence, your strengths, your weaknesses, your challenges, your Karma and so much more. This chart will help you understand your experiences and your life from a different prospective may not even know exists at this moment.


Your reading is one hour and takes place over the phone, with an additional 30 minutes available for questions or deeper discussion. Your chart is hand drawn by me personally, and then a digital copy is sent to you anywhere in the world.

Buy a Numerology chart for yourself for just $397.00.  


Get it today for our special price of only $197!



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A year and a half or so ago, I was struggling to find my purpose in life.  I was searching outside of me for answers to questions I could hardly even form.  Then my friend suggested I contact Joseph Ghabi for a reading.  During the reading, Joseph explained information he received from my name and date of birth.  I couldn’t believe the story he was saying: how could he know SO much about me just from that little bit of information?  He was amazing and detailed!  Not only did he “get my story” right, he also clued me in about things I never realized about myself.  Also, and very importantly, he touched on a few things I hadn’t considered before.  Once he opened one specific door, I finally found my direction and pursued my purposewhat I feel I am in this world at this time to do!  I will forever be grateful for the door opening that Joseph’s reading provided because it absolutely changed my life!  Thank you, Joseph!

Pamela Roy, Vermont USA

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 Ultimate Clarity Speaking, Training, Coaching“When I met Joseph, I was looking to enhance my understanding of myself, my purpose and to peel back another layer of clarity on my life and my business. I chose Joseph because of his intuitive abilities and generosity of spirit. He consistently delivers more than he promises and is excited and joyful to share his gifts and see them make a positive impact in his client’s lives. I am really pleased with the results, both personally and professionally. After I had my consult with Joseph, I bought consults for each of my daughters and then for my upcoming business collaboration with my husband and daughter.

Joseph’s insights helped our business group to feel confident as we move forward, focus on what is most important to us, choose our business name and the birth of our company. It feels great to understand that we are all meant to be working together!

I would recommend Joseph to anyone who desires another level of clarity and understanding on who they are and what they are meant to bring to themselves and the world.”

Lisa Chell, President

Ultimate Clarity Speaking, Training, Coaching

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Fia Lynn Crandall

“In my reading you recommended I go back to my birth name Fia-Lynn instead of just Fia and within 4 months of our reading I made more than I did the entire year before!  Thank you Joseph!”

Fia-Lynn Crandall



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Joseph, I want to thank you for my recent reading.  I didn’t realize until the reading how I had changed my focus from big dreams to the reality in the small space around me.  I always felt destined to be a writer and with my chart, it looks like it is entirely possible.  I always knew we create whatever we imagine and I slowly forgot about the big dreams that I thought were even too big to share when I was younger!!!

Thank you so much – I’m excited about the future – can’t beat that feeling!

Deborah MacDougall

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“Joseph Ghabi is articulate, professional and not the typical Numerologist! He uses his innate and God given intuition and spiritual knowledge to help make his consultations something you will never forget.

Notwithstanding, it’s also something you can use on a daily basis for inspiration and guidance.”

In living Health

Linda Kordich

Your Vital Health is Your Greatest Wealth

On March 26 2011, I also received a recommendation from Linda on Linked in a year after her first testimonial.

“If you really want to know what your life is going to be like in the next 12 months, hire Joseph Ghabi. He is quite brilliant and one of the best investments I have ever made when it came to asking for direction in my life. Linda Kordich”

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Dear Joseph,

I wanted to write and thank you for the lovely and insightful consultation you did for me.

Your reading was very enlightening and I enjoyed hearing a new perspective about my life path and numbers. I was also very happy to find out that one of my peak years is still 2 years away! I was worried that I had hit my peak but now I had a lot to look forward to and am excited about planning ahead for that cycle in my life. A lot of the things you said made a tremendous amount of sense even though my legal name is not Maria… It is Mary. I use more than Mary. .. It has become secondary since I work so much and use it. So thank you again for an excellent and insightful consultation.

When clients ask for a referral for a Numerologist, I will be more than happy to give them your name!

Maria Shaw

The National Enquirer Astrologer

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“Having a Numerology consultation by Joseph Ghabi was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Joseph delivers the consultation with wisdom and style. I absolutely loved every minute of it! More importantly, I felt a sense of enlightenment as it confirmed my soul’s purpose.”

Peggy McColl

New York Best Selling Author

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Joseph did an intuitive ‘Blueprint of Your Soul’ chart for me and it changed my life. Not only it was accurate with what I am going through in my life but also shifted my energy so that I could move forward with love and an inner peace. I have been through different issues as a child and Joseph helped me to look at other ways of helping. I would recommend Joseph to anyone who might be looking for intuitive and spiritual guidance.

In light,



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Joseph brings a gentle and compassionate approach to his work and specializes in healing through consultation on Numerology and Healing Childhood Experiences. My consultations with Joseph brought harmony to my body, mind and spirit by helping to shift and heal old patterns, wounds and beliefs.

Joseph has a well-rounded approach suitable for a variety of goals and personality styles.

Bringing sensitivity and compassion to his practice, Joseph’s clients can expect a sacred and transformative environment conducive for a cleansing, balancing and healing experience.

Patti Y.

Edmonton Canada

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Numerology will help you clear up blocks and discover your true purpose. You’ll learn what’s holding you back, and be able to finally make changes. I’ve already said this: You don’t want to be in your 70s living with regret and wondering why you didn’t take a chance and discover yourself.

In light!

Joseph Ghabi

PS: I look forward assisting you to see your full potential.




Get it today for our special price of only $197!


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“If you really want to know what your life is going to be like in the next 12 months, hire Joseph Ghabi. He is quite brilliant and one of the best investments I have ever made when it came to asking for direction in my life.”

-Linda Kordich

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