The Blueprint of the Soul: Part II – By Joseph Ghabi B.Msc

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The earth plane is the most challenging plane of all to exist in. This is because the human race is the most disconnected and farthest from understanding its divinity and purpose for being alive.

The experiences that life in the earth plane has to offer provide the grounds for learning many of valuable lessons that a Soul is required to learn in order to progress in terms of Universal understanding and awareness of life and creation.

The majority of us here on the earth plane take our life for granted and that is largely because we feel a lack of purpose, direction and we don’t know better than that! We human beings have a very limited level of knowledge and understanding of our true life purpose and both ourselves, and the planet itself is suffering because of that. Many of us think we are here for a picnic and believe we are here to just eat, drink, shop and watch sports!

Of course, those are some of the elements make our physical life more enjoyable on a material level, but do you really believe that’s all life is about?

When a Soul makes the decision to reincarnate into a lifetime as a human being, it takes a period of the equivalent of many earth years to choose the course of life that Soul wishes to follow. The Soul then decides upon the Karmic lessons, challenges, and experiences it wishes to work upon. Such aspects of the Souls incarnation are chosen specifically to complement the life path and the growth the Soul wishes to attain as a result.

Every single experience you encounter in your life as a human being has been carefully planned from the Soul level. Your parents are well chosen, specific to the experiences you are destined to encounter during your life. Your parents are very important parts of your life path as they are major elements that help you develop your identity growing up, and this influences the way you will handle your life experiences later on. The country and the culture you are born into are also major parts of defining who you will grow to become as an individual and are an important part of your Soul’s anticipated path of evolution as they help form your perception of the people and the world around you and, of course, of how you see yourself belonging there.

The Soul’s planned Blueprint Destiny is called the ‘Soul Blueprint.’ If the human aspect of that Soul which incarnated into earth life follows the Soul blueprint to the detail, then that human being is sure to lead a very rewarding and fulfilling life.

The unfortunate aspect of all this is that, of course, the majority of human beings here on this earth plane are not even remotely aware that the Soul blueprint exists and, as a result, are most likely out of alignment with it. This is the main reason why we feel such a profound sense of dissatisfaction and lack of purpose when it comes to our life and this is where Numerology steps into the equation.

Numerology is an amazing tool which can be considered as a map of your Soul blueprint. If applied correctly, Numerology can help you identify your Soul purpose, why you are here, your karma, lessons and challenges and just what kind of life you were destined to live from the moment you were born. It even helps you identify with your own individual character, strengths and weaknesses, all of which make you who you are. All of this is easily discovered through the careful examination of your name and your date of birth. We will discuss Numerology and the calculation techniques at a later stage.

The return of your Soul to the earth plane is for the purpose of attaining growth from the experiences you encounter as a human being. This growth then promotes the evolutionary progression of that Soul on a Universal scale. Your Soul also returns to the earth plane to end any unfinished business it has left here, therefore completing an almost endless cycle of many human lifetimes here.

Sometimes those lifetimes are wasted, as the human being representing the Soul has a difficult time during his life and ends up in stagnation or caught up in the past, making him unable to progress forward in his growth.

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Joseph Ghabi B.Msc

Excerpt from ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’ Book. ISBN # 9780973823158

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