The Blueprint of the Soul: Part III – By Joseph Ghabi B.Msc

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There are so many aspects of our human nature that contradict the essence of our true divinity, all of which lead us farther and farther from the truth of who we really are. Some examples are the resistance we so often feel when it comes to change and growth in our lives. Another major contradiction of our divine essence is our inability to forgive each other for the many, and often hurtful deeds we do toward each other in life. Lack of forgiveness is a characteristic that is completely opposite to the nature of the Soul which is non-judgmental and based on unconditional love knowing that any so-called ‘wrong’ action is always based on the absence of awareness, therefore is forgiven.

As human beings, we also tend to categorize people according to race, religion, place of birth, skin color, and social and financial status. Again, these are not characteristics of the Soul, which is based on non-judgment and unconditional love and acceptance. These are just human biases. The Soul does not judge another for where they come from and their background because the Soul knows that the country, background, race, religion and creed a human being was born into was specifically chosen for a reason, and that reason was part of the Soul’s blueprint and life path design, so all is as it should from that angle be as far as the Soul is concerned.

The reason your Soul decided to return for another earth life in the form of you is simply to fulfill karmic debt created by the other human beings your Soul incarnated into being during previous lifetimes. It is through fulfillment of Karmic debt that the Soul is able to evolve to a higher level of being in the Universe because behind each Karmic debt lies a very significant life lesson.

The cycle of lifetimes in the earth plane keeps repeating over and over again. Many lifetimes pass almost wasted as human beings are not understanding their reason for being alive and specifically the existence of their Soul and its purpose of attaining evolutionary progression in the Universe. On a lower level, we human beings are even having difficulty understanding our evolution as a human race, specifically our collective evolution as a diverse society made up of many different creeds, cultures and religions. How can we ever possibly begin to grasp the understanding behind the purpose and existence of our Soul if we are yet unable to understand our existence as one race of human beings co-existing on one planet?

Although we are quite disconnected from the understanding of Soul on the earth plane, the way we experience life here is still influenced by the operation of our Soul on a much higher level of our being. Our Soul can still influence our reactions to events in our lives, the way we act in day to day life and more specifically, the Soul is greatly involved in the evolution of our karma, even if we are unaware of it. This is because it is in the interest of the Soul to keep us as aligned to its original blueprint as much as possible.

Karma is probably one of the most misunderstood and feared aspects of life by those of us who have some awareness of just what karma means. This is a shame because karma is in fact one of many blessings yet to be realized by mankind as a whole. Realistically speaking, the law of Karma is a blessing because if it is understood correctly, the law of Karma can help us fulfill the inner void that most of us are experiencing in life because we are living a life that lacks purpose.

Karma can fulfill the lack of purpose so many of us feel because it brings meaning to the many challenging events we encounter throughout our entire life. So although karma is blessing in disguise, because we do not understand it, we still blame it for our misfortune and use it as an excuse to justify all our ‘wrong’ actions in life. Karma is supposed to be understood, not abused, and eventually when we do begin realizing and accepting what the law of Karma really entails, I believe we can evolve out of our troubled times in this world, we can evolve beyond sickness and disease, and begin living the life we are supposed to live, a life based on the understanding of Soul combined with the essence of being a human spiritual being having a physical experience on the earth plane.

This is the time in our physical world where we are being called to confront the reality of the condition of our inner and outer life as race of human beings on planet earth. It is time for us to begin asking ourselves deeper questions about the reality of our life, our reason for being and of how the Universe works collectively. Many civilizations, with Atlantis as a common example, which existed long before ours did were far more advanced than we are today but were eradicated due to a lack of Universal understanding, If there is any civilization which is not in accordance with the divine plan of evolutionary progression and is functioning contrary to the Universal Laws, it will be wiped out because it is simply the nature of the Universe to abolish that which is not in accordance with its one divine plan.

Much of the way we are functioning as human beings is contrary to divine law, particularly when it comes to the greed of the human mind which, in reality, is almost driving us down a road that leads to the destruction of all we have ever accomplished in our time on the earth plane.

Humanity is headed in the same direction as those civilizations that faced mass destruction in past times; are we happy to be driving down that road again? Do you feel that as a race, we are ready to learn from our past actions and mistakes? Unfortunately, from what I see so far in the way we are living collectively, I don’t think so.

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Joseph Ghabi B.Msc

Excerpt from ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’ Book. ISBN # 9780973823158

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