The Blueprint of the Soul: Part IV – by Joseph Ghabi B.Msc

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You may be shocked by the nature of what has been written here and my views but take a good honest look and consider the way we function as human beings. We exist as a power-driven race, which seeks to fulfill our inner lack through controlling, dominating and owning people, places and things. Not only do we base our happiness on things that exist outside of us, but we also blame our unhappiness on exterior things too, such as people, our finances, our lack of material possessions or whatever else it is that we believe makes us feel miserable and unfulfilled.

We are functioning in a purely external way to the point that we have totally forgotten we have an inner responsibility for ourselves and the way we choose to adapt and react to the external circumstances that take place in our lives minute by minute. We all have a choice to create our life in exactly the way we would like it to be, but choices come from responsibility and if we constantly base our feelings of happiness or misery on external circumstances, how can we ever take charge of our power of choice and make responsible choices? It is impossible.

Due to our lack of awareness, and the fact that we have forgotten our essence, which is based on unconditional love and compassion, we are very often unable to forgive ourselves and others for creating unfortunate in our lives. We are unable to forgive ourselves and if we have hard time forgiving ourselves, how can we forgive others? That is no longer the blame of our karma, this is our own responsibility.

We were all born into this plane as students and this means we will always have something to learn. When you are born, you started using the name you were given to define your identity and the uniqueness you are bringing with you to this plane. We have all been writing the story of our life from the moment we were born and this story begun with your first cry when you left your mother’s womb and entered the physical world, up until the day you take your very last breath. We are all constantly writing our own story, however many of our stories are left unfinished because we became stagnant in life and have been circulating in our patterns over and over again. Our Soul tries to help give us the urge to release ourselves from that pattern, yet we still insist upon pushing our Soul into a dead end.

Many among us consider the story of their family tree to be the source of their existence and they pride themselves on the fact that they were born of it. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you were born of that particular family? In many ways, we need to take a closer look at our roots as they will help us identify why our life runs into endless circles and cycles of years that seem to lead us nowhere. We will not get anywhere in life unless we wake up one day and decide that enough is enough, and consciously choose to take the time to close all the issues, patterns, belief systems and whatever else is no longer working for us. It is so important to deal with the issues that lie at the core of our existence today as they can help lead us to understanding the reason for us being here in the first place. These issues can lead us to the wisdom and understanding that in turn will connect us with our own Soul and its purpose.

So where do you stand in your life today? Maybe nowhere, or somewhere but you are not sure where and just where you are going? Regardless, you are here now, so let’s take a turn for the better and get to work doing something about it, shall we?

In every lifetime, your Soul draws up a blueprint to plan the path your life is destined to follow. When you are born your society identifies you by your name and your date of birth. In an ideal world, we should also be identified by our soul blueprint.

Governments, companies, schools and society as a whole accepts you as a unique individual, and to go along with your name and your date of birth, the government also provides you with a number that will identify you. So if you are unique enough to hold a social security number or whatever name your country uses, then tell me, what do you really know about your uniqueness and what makes you an individual in your life today?

My experience tells me that over 80% of our problems can be solved immediately the minute we know what it is we really want, as opposed to just experimenting in life, hoping we will eventually find out. What I mean here is that when you are working in a job that you know you love, you want to do and it enriches your life, and you become a different person. When you are with the right person in your life, without any superficiality then you are a different person. When you have the opportunity to deal with your life the proper way, then you become a different person. This, of course, implies that your life becomes happier, richer and more fulfilling as a result. Being a different person simply means: understanding who you are, doing what you want to be and being able to deal with your life on a regular basis for you and not just to suit and impress other people around you. Unfortunately, no one ever told us any of that before. We have been raised to follow systems and institutions that substitute an awareness of life with fear of God, guilt and the ‘evil’ side of life order to keep people living in fear, enough so that they will stay associated with the group, or religion they belong to, so for the rest of their life, and whether they like it or not or believe it or not, they will be controlled by a system.

I believe there was a time when we were all told about the true essence of life; however, much of it became lost in translation throughout the generations. Regardless of what was lost, what have we done with the knowledge and wisdom of all the sages that have come to us before, like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and all the others? How many people have really applied that wisdom into their lives properly? This is the problem; no wisdom or knowledge is worth anything unless it is actively applied into your life and only you can do that. Do you think it is worth giving it another shot now?

Joseph Ghabi B.Msc

Excerpt from ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’ Book. ISBN # 9780973823158

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