Understanding Numerology – Part I

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“Where am I stuck?” “What’s preventing me from moving forward in my life?” “What can I do to fulfill my Soul’s pathway of evolution?”

After being around so many people and hearing the types questions they ask, I decided to begin using Numerology in such a way as to help people better understand their life, their experiences, their challenges, and most of all to understand themselves. After all, if you know yourself very well, then you will never seek any help or advice.

How many of us know who we really are? How many of us know what we want out of life when it comes to relationships, jobs and what is best for us? Remember, a major part of your task in this life is to become aware of your calling, or purpose in this lifetime. That is your responsibility and no-one else can ever tell you what that is. Occasionally you might be given guidance that will help direct you toward discovering and living your own purpose, however, no-one can ever fully reveal what that is to you because that goes against Universal law, the divine order of experience, and your Free Will. If you could find out your life purpose from another person, then you would be stripped of your experience, and all the learning that goes hand in hand with its discovery. If that were to happen, then there would be no point in you being here because the most significant part of our learning comes from self-discovery and why we are here.

In order to become aware of your purpose and get on track with your path of Blueprint Destiny, you need to first become aware of, and understand the essence of the experiences that have already happened in your life. It is important to become aware of, and understand those experiences because the experiences in your life have everything to do with your life purpose. Your experiences will guide you through learning whatever it is you need to learn before you can fulfill your Blueprint Destiny.

This book ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’ will emphasize answering the many questions I have been repeatedly asked during my time working with Numerology. This book is geared toward helping you heal yourself using Numerology, as it is an easy tool to help you begin understanding your life and what you have learned from them, regardless of the experiences you went through.

No matter who you are or how you have lived, you still have something to do in your lifetime, and it is time for you to learn how to be responsible for what happens in your life. Responsibility is of major importance here as you are always accountable for your decisions, and whether they are active or passive ones, you are always the one choosing how you shape your life and how you respond to what happens around you. It is important that you understand your experiences and be aware of the choices you made in the past and how they brought you to where you are today.

Doing so will help you accept what has happened in your life and become responsible for choosing how you would like to live from now on.

Whatever the problem might be in your life, you still can fix it regardless of how old you are today. All you need is the desire to make your life better. No one, not a medium, psychic, friend, relative or whoever it is that you depend on for guidance will be able to provide you with the answers you need unless you are willing to accept responsibility for your life, recognize the fact you may have made some misinformed decisions and that it is time to fix everything.

Accepting the responsibility for fixing your life goes hand in hand with toning down your ego, pride and stubbornness and allowing the necessary changes to take place. You need to allow yourself to experience some humility instead of pride and stubbornness and accept your experiences, no matter what.

So are you ready to take the challenge of your life, to fix it for your own sake? If not then you need to identify your excuses. We are in this lifetime to grow from our learning, yet the majority of people are just sitting and waiting for things to change while doing nothing at all. They just sit, waiting and waiting for something or someone to enter their life and tell them everything is going to be alright. This is why many people go from one psychic or medium to another, hoping to hear the message that will suddenly make their life better. Well, things like that might happen in a fairytale, but let’s not forget this is real life!

Your life will begin changing the moment you decide that you want it to. In order to facilitate change you must first be willing to allow it to manifest in your life, your heart, and in your thoughts.

Healing can take place in anyone’s life, as long as the decision is made to accept it and the changes it brings. In reality you are the only obstacle between you and change; it has nothing to do with anyone else who are, or have been involved in your past. You are the only one who can stop you from changing your life.

Have you allowed your experiences to get the better of you, and as a result are dependent on living in hardship and thriving on other people’s sympathy? I have dealt with many people who have fallen into that pattern. Such people are giving their responsibility and power to change the direction of their life away in favor of surviving on other people feeling sorry for them. This fills them with a false sense of importance. These people do eventually end up losing track of where they are going in life and have no idea of how to move forward because they are unaware that they can.

How can you ever move forward if you are dependent on other people’s sympathy to define who you are? You cannot! It is impossible to progress in your life living this way. As I said before, though, anyone can change if they really want to. Free will gives you the power to choose your direction at any time and you can make begin making that change right now. Act now because the answer is still ‘yes’ for change. No matter how or what has happened to you, life will always support you in your decision to change, learn and grow because that is the purpose of your life after all. Know that and trust it.

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Joseph Ghabi B.Msc

Excerpt from ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’ Book. ISBN # 9780973823158

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