Understanding Numerology – Part II

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Throughout your experiences, did you grow to become envious of others, or did you feel jealous of others as they succeeded while you felt like a failure? Did you ask yourself, “Why Me?” Did you always feel that problems always seem to happen to you and no one else? Did you feel victimized by life? If so then the following list probably sounds familiar to you in terms of the way you felt about your life:

• You have lost hope in God.

• You have lost trust in yourself.

• You have lost faith in others

• You feel everyone around you punishes you.

• You feel victimized by everyone.

Of course, as a result of your experiences, all of your feelings have grown to become real and valid beliefs and emotions within you, simply because this is what you have chosen to invest in by allowing them to stay alive within you. You believe you are worthless and depend upon others’ opinions of you to feel worthy as a result, and because of your dependency, everyone treats you like a doormat and takes advantage of you.

This is what I recommend you do now:

• Stop blaming everyone.

• Stop complaining about your life.

• Stop being jealous of other people who are dealing with their life while you are doing nothing.

• Stop believing you are the only one who has problems.

• Stop feeling like a victim and take a long hard look at yourself and identify with the areas of your life that you can begin working upon to bring yourself back to living a happy life up to your full potential.

We tend to get stuck in a vicious circle when dealing with problems. Often it can be difficult to see any way out and, in order to free yourself, you need some help. The help you need is already out there somewhere, but perhaps you have a hard time accepting help and feel you have failed when you need to look outside of yourself for some advice or guidance? In any case, there is nothing wrong with asking for help if you are in need of some clarity. It is time to accept some humility in your life and accept that your experiences are all part of your Soul’s journey toward growth and evolution.

Realistically, being dependent on a professional to help you fix your problem for more than a year, in my opinion, is of no help to you either. Either your helper has no real idea of how to help you, or they are keeping you in a place of dependency for their own selfish reasons, be it financially or otherwise. Perhaps, on the other hand, you have been receiving help for so long because in reality you really do not want to let go of your issues, and enjoy the fact that you have someone to listen to you and sympathize with you.

If this sounds like a familiar situation to you, then it is time to identify with the reasons why you are not ready to let go of your problems.

Humanity as a whole has many issues to deal with. As individuals, we have many issues to deal with and before we can ever begin to heal our issues collectively, we must begin at the level of self. In order to succeed in our life, we need to really understand and deal with those issues. One way of another, we all have issues that have accumulated from the beginning of our life during childhood. This is the most important period of life that must be revisited, understood and dealt with before you can ever really get a hold of your life and help improve your future.

How can we use Numerology from our name and date of birth to help us understand our life? In order to understand Numerology, it is important to consider your life before you were even born.

Your cycle in this lifetime started at the moment your Soul returned to this plane and you were born. Your Soul has been frequenting life on this plane, as well as many others for time equivalent to many centuries. After such a long span of time and evolution, humanity has advanced technologically, however but in terms of human understanding we are still stuck in old patterns and ways of thinking. Because of this, the Souls choosing to integrate into this plane are becoming stuck in their growth due to the stagnation of the human beings that represent them in this lifetime. Souls have to repeat lifetime after lifetime, coming back to this plane for similar experiences because we are crippled by our limitation in the way we look at ourselves and others.

We categorize ourselves and others according to religion, culture, skin color, language and whatever else it is we believe separates us from each other. “If you are not one of us then you are our enemy”. Is that a statement of progress in our life? Or does that statement keep us from moving forward in life due to hate and anger toward each other? Perhaps is it just good business to think that way from a political and economic standpoint.

These days it is becoming harder to tell who has the right intention when it comes to what is right for the people and our world as there are so many distinctions. Even within cultural groups themselves, people are categorized. So tell me what is the difference between you and any other human being in the world?

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Excerpt from ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’ Book. ISBN # 9780973823158

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