Understanding Numerology – Part III

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We are all human beings. We are all spiritual beings with a Soul that inhabits our body. So what makes you more special than me or anyone else? Nothing in reality!

If you think you are then you have a problem in your life at the moment, then consider some of the bigger issues that are going on in the world and you will see that your problem shrinks to almost nothing. You will start to appreciate your problem, realizing that you are blessed to have only that to deal with in your life and that perhaps you can learn something great from it.

Many people might not like hearing that, but I believe it is time to start hearing things from a new perspective. If you feel that this is not the way for you then just let it go and continue the way you have been going so far if you are truly happy. I feel that without saying the things I say I might not inspire people to anything the way I feel they ought to. On the other hand, I do feel that my ideas will click for certain people who are really stuck in their life and are just waiting to hear that something that will get them moving forward.

So what is Numerology? After drawing up the many charts I have done for so many people in the past, I have always been amazed by individuality and uniqueness of every single person and their chart. There really are no two people in the world who are the same. I do not use a computer to draw a chart; I like to do it myself because I enjoy exploring and feeling the essence of the chart’s creation in the first place.

There are many different ways of doing a chart and you can use any method you feel attracted to. Although some of the methods have slight differences, you will almost always end up with the same results. In some cases, the result will be slightly different from one chart to the next, but this is not critical because you will always get the bigger picture of the chart’s meaning in the end.

We will begin our chart by looking at the date of birth to calculate our blueprint destiny. Blueprint destiny is our potential in this lifetime, and the goal we are working toward through being on this plane in the first place. Blueprint destiny is the fundamental component of your blueprint and can be found from your date of birth.

Your date of birth is meant to be unchangeable, although some people have tampered with that date. For example, the parents of a child born in December might register their child’s birthday as if it occurred in January in order to make them younger. If this is the case for you, then I recommend that you find out your real birthday so you can calculate your true blueprint destiny. It may also be interesting for you to compare both your destinies, the true one with the one your parents made for you to see which destiny is best suited for you in your life.

The number of your blueprint destiny is usually made up of the sum of two numbers that are reached when you add the day, month and the year of your birth together. For example, January 2, 1980 would be 1+2+1+9+8+0=21/3. You then add 2+1=3, so 3 is the blueprint destiny in this case. We will learn about the calculations in more detail later, I just wanted to illustrate what I was talking about at this point of the book.

I personally believe the first number and vibration of your blueprint destiny is the foundation of the majority of the problems you will face in your life, which is 2 in 21/3 from my previous example. This vibration is the only vibration you have no control over. It is usually the case that as children we have no proper way of dealing with this vibration when it is predominant during our early life because we are so young.

This vibration is the vibration that was with you from birth right up until you were 18 years old. It makes up the base of all our problems and it is important that we begin to do something about understanding it and dealing with it.

We really need to act on this now before time passes us by because many people are still sitting and waiting for a miracle to happen that will save them. Others have spent sometimes 20 years in therapy and are yet to see any change happen. What does that tell you? Yes, it is time to think about you and your life from a new perspective.

The less you deal with your childhood the more complicated your life is destined to become. On the other hand, the more quickly and efficiently you deal with your childhood experiences the easier your life will become. Some people seem to be luckier than others when it comes to their childhood experiences and may have had an easier time with a pleasant upbringing, for others of course that is simply not the case.

So what happened in your childhood that is reflected in your life today? If you are not sure then why not take a closer look at the way you do things. The way you conduct your relationships is based upon what you learnt from your parents, their experiences with each other and how they dealt with you. The way you handle your money today is the same – a reflection of how you were taught to think about and handle money by your parents and how they dealt with their finances. The way your career goes also has a great deal to do with your upbringing. These things stand even in the case where you might be acting out in rebellion against beliefs that your parents tried to engrain in you that you did not agree with.

Whether you are acting according to their ways or against them, you are still directly influenced by your parents and their way of doing things.

You may be asking where karma comes into all of this and, of course, there is karma in our life that needs to be dealt with.

Your karma was well chosen according to the environment and family you were born into. This is in order to help make your experiences and lessons easier to deal with. As an example, maybe you are having problems dealing with other people because you are very shy. When you were a child, you became used to your parents doing everything for you and avoided dealing with other people, however that is affecting your life adversely today. Why do you think that problem still exists today, even although you are all grown up? Of course, it is because, during your childhood, your parents supported your shyness and fear of dealing with other people, making you dependent on others to do things for you.

One day, you were then left to deal with your life all by yourself, your parents were no longer there to do things for you and what happens next? You are feeling lost being left by yourself to deal with your issue and don’t know what on earth to do because your fear has become your reality.

Facing this type of situation can be devastating for some people in their life, yet in the end, it is their reality and they must deal with it before their life wastes away. We must try to begin learning how to deal with our life properly from an early age so we can grow up being able to handle the responsibility of ourselves and our life.

Many of us, regardless of our age, still act like a child, the child that never dealt with his or her issues. If you want to heal your life then you have to begin by healing your childhood. Often I ask someone if they have dealt with their childhood and they quickly answer “yes” with attitude. If you feel you have dealt with your childhood, then again, I ask you to look closely at your life today and see if there is anything, and I mean anything, that reflects your childhood.

Answer this question honestly because in the end you are only kidding yourself.

You are alive and that means you deserve to live the best life possible, so why not try to at least save your own life, regardless what age you are today? In this book, I will not go into the subject of how to heal your childhood experiences as this requires a whole book of its own. My next book will handle that subject so for the time being let’s get back to the Numerology.

Joseph Ghabi B.Msc

Excerpt from ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’ Book. ISBN # 9780973823158

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