Welcome to the ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’ Column

The ‘Blueprint of Your Soul’ column is an introduction to the concepts discussed in Joseph’s new book ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’, which was released in January 2010.

The concepts discussed in Joseph’s book introduces readers to a simple awareness of the purpose of life from a Soul perspective based on understanding the numbers that were assigned to us before we were born. The book also introduces us to the relationship which exists between numbers and the blueprint of the Soul.

Do you spend seemingly endless days feeling miserable and unfulfilled? Do you feel useless and empty? Do you ever wonder why were even born? Are you searching to demystify the meaning and purpose behind your life? Do you wish to understand the nature of your existance from a higher, more spiritual perspective?

If you have any questions on your own mind related to your life, do not hesitate to ask Joseph to consult your Numbers for answers.

Confidentiality will be respected. Only your first name, along with your question and Joseph’s answer will be posted on the site for our readers to view.

E-mail Joseph at blueprintofyoursoul@gmail.com

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