Where Are You Women?

Gayle, Heather & Siko
Creative Commons License photo credit: sarahstierch

Do you agree that in this world we are driving into a dead end? Do you see yourself and your life as stagnant? Do you feel the world has already reached the point of being at a stand-still and that it is just sitting waiting to blow any minute? This world cannot take any more of the effects of man’s energy when all it focuses on is it’s power, money, greed and more power. Don’t you agree?
Just the other day, I was sitting in the park next to my apartment watching children playing with their mothers all around them. I thought to myself for a moment about how nowadays, the way we do things should be done all in reverse! It should be the men who stay at home watching and playing with the children while their wives go out to work for the day in an attempt to find new ways of fixing the big mess we are facing in this world! That seems to be the only feasible way now!

Men have been dominating the world for too long. The past 1000 years have been governed by the “1” vibration. In numerology this is a male energy. I believe that since then, we have not done such a great job of making things really work and not only that, things seem to be going from bad to worse! If you are one of those people whose income is generated from destroying the environment, by killing other people, from selling precious oil or if you are tampering with other people’s lives in any way that could somehow be damaging to them, then for sure, you won’t agree with what I am saying here. Well, I am sorry about that, but I am only stating some facts of life!

After coming to the conclusion that we would probably benefit from having the input of some females when it comes to fixing our problems, I then went on to wonder just where these women are? Are they sleeping or are they just hiding away from all the male domination?  At the turning of the year 2000, we entered into the feminine vibration of the “2”. The energy of the “2” will remain with us between the years 2000 and 2999. This is all very well; however, nothing seems to have improved at all! I kept on contemplating and I realize that there is one thing that is wrong with so many women. I will get to that point later on!

Since 1950, the women’s movement began getting stronger in western society. Although noted that the movement started earlier than the time I have written about, for arguments sake, we will focus on the last 50 years before the year 2000 begun with the shift of the universal energy.

During this period, women’s rights started to increase further into becoming equal rights. But even still, there are many issues that are yet to be tackled which the society of men are resisting letting go of.

To understand what I am trying to say in this article, we need to understand first that there are two main vibrations that we work with in this world. Those are the male and female vibrations. Let’s consider that the male vibration was in domination for the majority of the past 1000 years. During the 19th century alone of male domination, what in the world did we really accomplish other than World Wars I & II, the Vietnam War, the Israel / Arab War, the Korean War, the Gulf War and many other wars which have taken place in many other parts of the world? All these wars have been fuelled by man’s greed and hunger for power and if we took some time to read up on the history of any of them, we could be honest when we say that in reality, we accomplished very few things as a result.

So far we have managed to get to the moon and we are now able to at least explore some of our universe. This is all very well, but somehow it seems to be for all the wrong reasons. With all of this comes the issue of who is going to be in control of that space we have discovered. Whoever manages to gain that control will think it will for sure bring them again, even more power. It seems that what we have accomplished throughout the 19th Century has only brought more grief, hate, anger, frustration, dislike of each other according to our religions, our culture and our color, and many other judgments that exist between us. So when we live in a world based on all of these negative feelings, what kind of an accomplishment is that after all?

We are able to see everywhere around us today all the terrorism, the war on drugs and the drive on weapons of mass destruction. These are but a few examples. Another thing is that something I feel deep inside reflects my personal opinion on the issue of diseases such as AIDS and SARS. I believe that many of the diseases, which have occurred over the last century, are man-made. I also believe that there are secret laboratory projects that have been designed (in other attempts by certain people) in order to gain power over others. We are all aware that disease is a more effective and discreet means of attack than a missile or a bomb these days. It can hit masses of people, without affecting the structure of buildings, cities, countries etc. Unfortunately, the reality is that when greed is blinding us, we will go to any extreme to acquire power in this world.

The female vibration, as our second vibration,  is a softer vibration which is kind, human, caring, nurturing, and intuitive.  This female vibration has been dormant for the last 1000 years, being obedient to the dominant male vibration and becoming almost non-existent as a result. During that period, women were abused, treated as absent in matter of opinion and, in many cases, absent from choice. That was really unfortunate. In the eyes of man, women were toys that would give men what they wanted or  be what the men wanted to see their women be. The fashion was driven by men- cosmetics, perfumes and many other industries dictated the women’s choice to be slim or their perception of being too fat and tapped into their insecurities. That damage created low self-esteem and low self-confidence in many women. While women were seeing and watching man and the universe, the vibration was starting to prepare to make its shift into the 20th century. That helped to boost the confidence of women to start to stand up and demand change but one thing was still wrong here.

Woman have adapted to building up a great deal of male energy in their vibration. This is often an unconscious attempt of surviving in this predominantly male world.  It is as if they need that male energy in order to gain their own position in society. This is one main reason why women are still not succeeding in the way they should be as females. Here is an example: There are two candidates running for the position of manager in the same office. One candidate is a woman and the other is a man. The man is as masculine as we know a man to be and the woman is a woman inside a woman’s body, however, she is overloaded with male energy. So who would you choose? What is the best option for the woman? Is it to attempt to play the role of a man in the hope that she has a better chance of being hired? Many women think that being a woman is a weakness. They think that women are too soft and delicate and that they are sissies! Men are always the ones in power, so who can blame them?  Women think it is cool to act like men, to be tough, to be a fighter and a survivor. Most of the world thinks that way, so who do you think gets the job? Of course, the woman loses. Yet, maybe if she had just been herself, an admirable, smart, intelligent and powerful woman then perhaps she would have had a better chance at getting the job? Who knows.

I want to see woman in higher ranking positions. I like to see women leading our countries. This world is sick. This planet is sick and needs the caring love and compassion from a motherly energy to heal and take care of it.  All you women out there- do not be afraid! You will lose nothing by being who you really are! Honestly! Just bring forth your real female energy and the universe will support you regardless. You came to this plane as a woman for a reason, not to try and become a man- something of which you are not! Now in our time woman should have the upper hand for the next 1000 years whilst the universe is sending us a predominantly female energy. You are being asked to balance your male and female vibration and that means by NOT allowing your male vibration to take over your own essence of being a female with that energy and personality. Don’t walk like man, there is no need! Don’t act like a man and don’t try to be like a man, for you are not one! Allow your femininity to resurface. Don’t lose your male side- just balance it by not allowing it to take over your female side completely.

These days many of our relationships are not working, and on many occasions it is because both people involved are acting as if they are the male in the relationship. It makes me wonder why people even bother to judge people who are gay or lesbian because energetically, heterosexual relationships are the same thing when they consist of a couple of different sexes, yet with same vibration. Pay attention to women who are walking on the street and you will see for yourself. Watch the way they walk and watch their attitude. Just because they have breasts, wear make-up and dress in a skirt and heels, it does not make them a woman if their energy is not feminine. Does this make sense to you? You will be amazed at how many women you see who are like men; now that it has been brought to your attention!

I really urge woman to wake up! In reality women are the stronger sex and we can see they are already beginning to hold major positions these days. There are many women these days who do hold high positions, yet how many of them are working from a true female vibration with their male energy balanced? Challenge men on the right issues- Challenge them on things where they are bought by big corporations; Challenge them to handle the problems with the environment; Challenge them on Medicare; Challenge them to handle the issues with the homeless people sleeping on the streets; Challenge them to deal with child care; Challenge them with issues that require the application of love, compassion, sensitivity, patience and acceptance; and Challenge men to fix the problems with wars that are driven with the intention of claiming control over our planets oil. The wars that are created with the fake intention of taking care of normal people whilst other men, women and children in our cities are homeless, poor and starving. Our intentions are all wrong and our interests are based upon satisfying very little of the population whilst others remain feeling abandoned and hopeless.

We need to learn how to begin bringing value to all human beings and treat all individuals as a soul, because that is what we all are instead of being just another number in the system. What is important to women today? Just to keep limping on through life until they vanish completely one day? It is about time they all made a stand for what is right. It is time to stand up for what you think will make a difference in the world. It is time to stand up and bring dignity to another human soul, regardless their religion, color or culture. Women need to state their true intentions and BALANCE their male and female energies because all of the limitations which exist in women’s lives are there because they accept it. In the end, it is your life, your responsibility and your choice, and all that lies in your own hands.

We are all sitting and just waiting for a change to occur. Yet, change is in your own hands. Make change, lead it, shape it and bring the new awareness and understanding that all people are hungry for in our world today. Day-by-day people are walking with frustration and inner sadness. They are all screaming and cursing each other the majority of the time and for what? There is no real justified reason! Just take a good look at the world around and you will get an idea for what I am talking about. The state of the world is devastating, and I wonder how long we can survive if we remain living this way. I guess if no one can be bothered to make any changes then we will just have to wait and see.