Your Child Wisdom

Your Child Wisdom

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We are all walking through life looking for answers. We all seek other people’s opinion before we trust and accept our own. That is a common aspect of typical human nature. Unfortunately, in most cases this will hardly take you anywhere in terms of your own life growth and then what happens? Nothing changes in your life after all!

I will be looking into a part of our lives that many of us have not even bothered to pay attention to yet, but perhaps it is time that we should. What I am talking about is the role of our children today and of how they may just be one of our greatest sources of answers. In my opinion, now is the time to start listening to children, you never know what you might learn from them.

Most of us think of our children as helpless little creatures, who exist more like plants than human beings. It is our purpose to take care of them and when I say taking care I do not mean just feeding, watering and allowing them to play and sleep on a routine basis. I mean nurturing them, listening to them and paying attention to what they say and supporting them in terms of the way they choose to express themselves. Be responsible for them while they need it most and try to help them find their own way into whatever it is they came here to do. We must begin listening to them!

The way we think of our children is usually a reflection of the way our own parents thought of us. We also tend to treat our children in the same way our own parents treated us. That pattern has become our conscious realty whether we are aware of it or now but what else do we know? It is time to let go of all our past misgivings and try something new. Do you think that it will make you feel better about yourself by treating your child inadequately? If not then why do it? Does it give you a boost when you bring another human being down, maybe you will feel bigger, stronger and more in control on a superficial level, but deep in your heart you will feel a sense of your own inner turmoil.

Many of the children born in our time are very gifted. They are here to bring some change to the world. Some are born healthy and some are born with a sickness. Born with or without a sickness is part of their gift to bring enlightenment into our world. We will talk more about that another time. As I said before, most of us think our children are helpless, useless and clueless! What do they know? Just because they are young in physical years it does not mean they are young in terms of universal understanding and soul consciousness. Many of the souls which are incarnating into our plane at this time are more evolved souls who have come here as service to humanity by supporting us in our growth at this point in our evolution. You never know, your child could just be an ascended master!

It is without a doubt that your children were born to teach you and other people some lessons about life. One of the lessons may be the fact that this is a difficult concept for many people to grasp, a young person who is wiser and more aware in terms of life than most grown-ups appear to be! Welcome to soul consciousness!

If your child is a healthy child, do you appreciate that child as much as you would if you had the experience of having child with a disease for example? Do you listen to your child as much as you would if your child was deaf and suddenly begun to talk? Consider how many times actually do you really listen to them or even pay them real attention instead being too busy caring about all the other things in your life.  What was important to you in your life when you delivered that child into this world?  What became your priority in your life since then? I assume it was of course that child. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone, for many children have become nothing more than a burden. Consider this point and see how much it applies to you.

For a change, try to appreciate the gift you have in your hand and see if you can begin discovering and understanding the message your child has brought for you.

Allow a bright light to in shine your life.

Until next time!

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Empower yourself with love and compassion!
You have all your own answers within!
Instead of fear and anger, allow peace to fill your heart!

In light!

Joseph Ghabi

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